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How Often Should Insulation Be Replaced?

Insulation is important for keeping your Sacramento home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but what happens if you start noticing your utility bills are creeping up? Do you need an insulation replacement? In most cases, no — insulation is designed to last the lifetime of your home — but if you notice old, damaged or poor insulation, replacing the affected materials may help improve the efficiency of your home and minimize energy costs.

Are you concerned about the effects of poor insulation on your Sacramento home? Talk to our experts at Gold Star Insulation to learn if insulation replacement is the best option for your needs.

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Signs You Need to Replace Insulation in Your Sacramento Home

Most insulation is made from materials that do not degrade easily, such as fiberglass, foam, treated cellulose or mineral wool, so it rarely needs to be replaced. There are exceptions, however. Here are some of the most common signs you need to replace insulation in one or more areas of your home:

  • Wet insulation: Although insulation like fiberglass or cellulose can dry out given enough time, wet insulation will usually lose some of its R-value, and the moisture may promote mold growth. In most cases, it is best to replace wet insulation or any insulation you suspect has been exposed to large amounts of moisture.
  • Moldy insulation: Although most molds are not harmful to humans, some can act as allergens or irritants, making your home less comfortable or exacerbating the symptoms of asthma or allergies. A few species can be quite dangerous, however, such as black mold, leading to central nervous system damage, lung infections and other serious health problems. It is often best to replace insulation that has been exposed to mold.
  • Insulation that has settled: Blown-in insulation like cellulose, and to a lesser extent, fiberglass, can settle or compress with time, leaving uninsulated spaces at the top of wall cavities and reducing the wall’s overall R-value. Batt insulation like fiberglass or mineral wool can also be over-compressed, which will reduce its R-value. If you have settled or compressed insulation, it is best to consider an insulation replacement.
  • Insulation damaged by pests: Pests like mice, squirrels, birds, bats and insects can often slip in through the smallest openings, making a comfortable nest lined with your costly insulation. Once the infestation is under control, any insulation damaged by pests should be replaced, as it is likely contaminated by droppings that can threaten your health.
  • Old or outdated insulation materials: If your home has wool insulation, cotton insulation or other outdated materials, removing the old insulation and upgrading to modern materials can make your home more comfortable and efficient.

Are you curious about the effectiveness of your insulation? Consider an energy audit. At Gold Star Insulation, we offer insulation removal, insulation replacement, energy audits and more.

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Expert Insulation Services in the Sacramento Area

So, how often should insulation be replaced? Ideally never, but when it becomes wet, moldy or damaged, insulation replacement is usually the best option for your comfort and health, not to mention your utility bills.

When you need a qualified, professional team to install or replace your home’s insulation in the Sacramento area, choose our experts at Gold Star Insulation. We serve Sacramento, Davis, Carmichael, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova and the surrounding communities. Our company is A+ certified by the BBB, and we feature excellent service, quality products and superior workmanship.

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Where should you insulate in your home? Check out our interactive infographic:

Products We Install
Energy Audits

Our team can help you save money with a home energy audit and air sealing services.


Our insulation team installs batt and blown-in fiberglass insulation.


Environmentally friendly and effective, cellulose works well in homes and buildings.

Spray Foam

Gold Star Insulation is a leading installer of spray foam insulation in the Sacramento area.

Radiant Barrier

An attic radiant barrier can help keep your home cooler and more comfortable.

Insulation Removal

Gold Star Insulation provides home insulation removal services.

Air Sealing

We are committed to saving you money by sealing your attic—which is the main source of air leaks in the home.

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