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How to Soundproof Your Sacramento Home

Take Advantage of Soundproofing Techniques for Your California Home

There are many different ways you can soundproof your home. Soundproofing insulation is a special type of insulation product that’s designed to be an acoustic barrier. This barrier absorbs the sound and decreases noise traveling from one room to another. You can soundproof your whole house or just one room. Either way, the result of installing soundproofing insulation will be a peaceful and private home.

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When thinking about soundproofing, it’s important to clarify whether you’re trying to block noise from coming into the room or home, or if you’re trying to improve the quality of sound within a space. To prevent sound from leaking into your home, sound blocking materials are used to keep noise from traveling through walls and floors. These sound blockers are typically heavy and thick and are installed in walls, ceilings, floors and doors. To improve the sound in a room, like in a recording studio or home theater, sound absorbing methods are used. These materials are lightweight and soft to the touch and are applied to surfaces as a finish material.

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How to Soundproof Your Home in Sacramento with the Help of Gold Star Insulation

There are different soundproofing techniques you can utilize depending on whether or not your home is already built. If you’re currently in the process of building or remodeling your home, different techniques are available to you.

Soundproofing Your New Construction/Remodel with Gold Star Insulation

While building or remodeling your home, consider these options to create more privacy and peace.

  • Soundproofing Insulation – During building or remodeling, an effective and affordable way to improve the soundproofing performance of walls and ceilings is to put blanket insulation between the studs. This absorbs the sound that would otherwise travel through the air pockets between the framing.
  • Sound Wall Construction – Further soundproof walls and ceilings by building “sound walls.” Sound walls utilize metal wall studs, and dual layers of drywall achieve better results. The metal studs and the extra layer of drywall give the surface more mass, making it less prone to vibrate and transfer sound waves.
  • Ceiling and Floor Construction – Soundproof your ceilings and floors with extra layers of plywood and particleboards. A carpet pad and carpeting can also aid in soundproofing performance.

Soundproofing Your Current Home with Gold Star Insulation

Even if your home doesn’t feature soundproofing insulation, there are still ways you can reduce the noise in your home.

  • Absorb Room Noise with Soft Materials – Hard surfaces reflect sound, but soft surfaces absorb it. Adding materials like rugs and curtains to a room can drastically reduce the way sound travels throughout a room.
  • Soundproof Your Doors – One of the most effective ways to reduce noise from traveling is to install solid doors. Most doors are hollow inside and are very ineffective at blocking sound, but purchasing a solid-wood door provides a more effective sound barrier.
  • Weather-Strip Doors to Seal Noise – Weather-stripping provides a seal around the door, preventing sound from leaking around. Usually, the easiest and best material to use is adhesive-backed high-density foam tape.

Gold Star Insulation provides soundproofing services for your home or business. If you need help soundproofing a room, contact us online today!

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Gold Star Insulation—Your Sacramento, CA Insulation Experts

Why Choose Gold Star Insulation?

Do you need an insulation company in the Sacramento area? Call Gold Star Insulation, a part of the Installed Building Products family of companies. IBP is the nation’s second largest insulation company, which means the Gold Star Insulation team has access to top products, pricing and training in the industry. We provide a variety of products and services, all with a single goal in mind: making your life easier.

Integrity, knowledge and excellent service – These aren’t just words; they represent how Gold Star Insulation does business. Whatever your needs, you can trust us to offer high-quality products and service.

A variety of services – From insulation to energy audits, Gold Star Insulation can help you improve your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetic. Our Sacramento insulation company offers insulation, air sealing and energy audit services.

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Where should you insulate in your home? Check out our interactive infographic:

Products We Install
Energy Audits

Our team can help you save money with a home energy audit and air sealing services.


Our insulation team installs batt and blown-in fiberglass insulation.


Environmentally friendly and effective, cellulose works well in homes and buildings.

Spray Foam

Gold Star Insulation is a leading installer of spray foam insulation in the Sacramento area.

Radiant Barrier

An attic radiant barrier can help keep your home cooler and more comfortable.

Insulation Removal

Gold Star Insulation provides home insulation removal services.

Air Sealing

We are committed to saving you money by sealing your attic—which is the main source of air leaks in the home.

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