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Insulation Contractors in Carmichael, CA

Do you need an insulation company in the Carmichael, California, area? Look no further than Gold Star Insulation. We want to help you improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home or commercial building.

Whatever your insulation needs may be, rest assured we have you covered—from the initial consultation to the final cleanup and inspection. Whether you live in Olive Orchard Estates, Hickory Glen or anywhere in between, Gold Star Insulation can take care of your home comfort needs.

To learn more about the insulation installation services from Gold Star Insulation in Carmichael, CA, contact us online or call (916) 229-8445 today!

Insulation Installation in Carmichael

Gold Star Insulation, a part of the Installed Building Products family of companies, has one goal—to make your life easier. With the right insulation, we can do this. We install:

Home Insulation

Too many homes in the Carmichael, California area don’t have enough insulation—but the Gold Star Insulation team will make sure yours isn’t one of them. Our retrofit insulation (existing home insulation) services can help you save money and live more comfortably all year long. Our team insulates atticswallscrawl spaces and more.

Signs your home may need more insulation include:

  • Energy bills that are higher than normal
  • Drafts, especially near windows and doors
  • Uneven temperatures from room to room
  • HVAC systems running more than usual
  • Unusually warm second story
  • Unusually cold walls and floors
  • Ice dams on your roof

In addition to re-insulating homes, we also offer residential new construction insulation. Our team can work with your home building team to help ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

Attic Insulation

If your Carmichael home is prone to hot and cold spots, odd drafts or fluctuating temperatures, it might not be your heating or cooling system. The culprit could be inadequate insulation, specifically insufficient attic insulation, that makes heating and cooling your house inefficient. Adequately insulating the attic is the number one way to maintain your home’s comfortable interior temperature. It also helps you save money on utility costs.

Up to 90% of U.S. homes are underinsulated, but your home doesn’t need to be one of them! The trained insulation installers at Gold Star Insulation have the knowledge and tools required to correctly estimate the amount of attic insulation your home needs to ensure it provides the energy-efficient benefits you deserve.

Garage Insulation

If your home has an attached garage, insulating it can reduce transmission of heat and cold, protect your stored valuables from moisture damage and reduce noise transmission. Garage insulation also prevents cooler air from entering the main house, which helps keep your home’s interior comfortable, no matter the season. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends insulation for all garages to help save on energy costs.

Crawl Space Insulation

If you notice the floors over your home’s crawl space is colder than the rest of the house, there’s a good chance your crawl space could benefit from additional insulation. Insulating a crawl space, even one that doesn’t get used, is an energy-efficient way to save money, keep out insects and other critters and improve your home’s air quality. The type of insulation installation you need depends on whether you have a ventilated or unventilated crawl space. Gold Star Insulation’s experts can tell you which one is right for your home.

Spray Foam Insulation

Once exclusively used in commercial settings, spray foam insulation is now a popular alternative to traditional home insulation, such as fiberglass. It provides an excellent air and moisture barrier, adds structural integrity to floors, walls and ceilings, reduces pollen infiltration and remains effective, even if it gets wet. It’s the ideal insulation solution for filling cracks, gaps, holes and hard-to-reach areas like those around wiring and piping. While spray foam insulation’s upfront cost is higher, it’s a worthwhile investment, as it makes your Carmichael home much more comfortable while providing significant energy cost savings.

Insulation Removal and Replacement

When it’s time to replace your Carmichael home or business’s existing insulation, Gold Star Insulation is the insulation contractor you can trust to get the job done right. We provide professional and reliable insulation removal and replacement services and ensure your new insulation is the correct R-value insulation. You can depend on our friendly and skilled insulation removal and replacement technicians to efficiently handle your insulation project, no matter its size or scope.

Commercial Insulation

Gold Star Insulation offers commercial insulation services as well. Our team can install additional insulation in offices and other commercial buildings. We also provide commercial new construction insulation, working with builders and contractors to insulate new buildings. Commercial insulation helps:

  • Increase the energy efficiency of buildings (which can help owners reduce overall costs)
  • Keep buildings more comfortable, year in and year out
  • Decrease the carbon footprint of buildings

Certified Energy Experts in Carmichael

As a Certified Energy Expert™ contractor, Gold Star Insulation’s sales consultants and installation professionals are extensively trained and certified by Owens Corning in the latest techniques and products. All installations of Owens Corning insulation products performed by your Certified Energy Expert™ contractor also come with a full 10-year warranty!

In addition to Owens Corning, we install insulation from manufacturers including CertainTeed, Green Fiber, Demilec and more.

Need a Carmichael, California Area Insulation Company?

Whether you spend your time working at the office or zip lining at Sonoma Canopy Tours, you want to return to a comfortable home at the end of the day. If you’re looking for insulation companies serving the Carmichael, California area, Gold Star Insulation is a good company to call! We provide residential and commercial insulation services and look forward to working with you on your project.

Contact us or call (916) 229-8445 today to learn more about our services in Carmichael!

Where should you insulate in your home? Check out our interactive infographic:

Products We Install
Energy Audits

Our team can help you save money with a home energy audit and air sealing services.


Our insulation team installs batt and blown-in fiberglass insulation.


Environmentally friendly and effective, cellulose works well in homes and buildings.

Spray Foam

Gold Star Insulation is a leading installer of spray foam insulation in the Sacramento area.

Radiant Barrier

An attic radiant barrier can help keep your home cooler and more comfortable.

Insulation Removal

Gold Star Insulation provides home insulation removal services.

Air Sealing

We are committed to saving you money by sealing your attic—which is the main source of air leaks in the home.

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