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Insulation Contractors in Stockton, CA

Are you looking for an insulation company serving Stockton, California? Gold Star Insulation can help! We aim to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of homes and commercial buildings all over the area. Our experienced insulation contractors are skilled in installing a range of insulation in homes and commercial buildings.

We help home and business owners throughout Stockton — no matter your insulation needs, you’re in good hands with our professionals.

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Spray Foam Insulation Contractors Serving Stockton, CA

Spray foam insulation is the preferred choice for new-home builds and retrofitting for many reasons. As an insulation product, it protects against extreme weather best. It protects new-build architecture longer, better. But its biggest advantage is that it can reach hard-to-access areas.

Additional benefits of spray foam insulation include:

  • Adds soundproofing properties
  • Inhibits condensation formation
  • Minimizes airborne pollutants and allergens
  • Prevents drafts
  • Seals cracks/crevices

Areas where our professionals use spray foam insulation include:

…and more.

Many people think insulation is used to keep cold-weather homes warmer. That’s true, but it’s equally necessary to keep warm-weather homes cool. Too many Stockton, California, homes don’t have enough insulation.

Insulation is used to prevent all types of energy loss. It’s a sealant that keeps unwanted heat outside and clean, conditioned air inside California homes.

Another source of confusion is blown-in insulation vs. spray foam insulation. Both are good products, but they’re not the same thing.

  • Spray foam insulation is mainly composed of polyurethane, a product with higher R-values, and provides superior insulation properties. It is applied using varying degrees of pressure, depending on the area being treated.
  • Blown-in cellulose insulation is mostly made from recycled products, making it an eco-friendly choice. Its R-value may be lower, but it’s less expensive and better at reducing outside street noise.

New construction spray foam insulation and spray foam retrofit insulation are options available to construction contractors and homeowners in Stockton and San Joaquin County, California.

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Other Types of Insulation We Install

Gold Star Insulation, a part of the Installed Building Products Family of Companies, has one goal — to make your life easier. With the right insulation, we can do it. We install:

  • Fiberglass: Made of tiny glass fibers and thermally efficient, fiberglass has been used to insulate structures for decades and comes in blanket, batt and blown-in (loose-fill) form. Although it’s often installed in attics, it can be used to insulate nearly any area of a home or building, including walls and crawl spaces.
  • Cellulose: Cellulose is made from recycled newsprint and other recycled paper — consisting of up to 80% recycled content and requiring less energy to make than other types of insulation. It’s one of the most environmentally friendly insulation materials available.
  • Rigid foam board: Rigid board insulation is available as a foam panel that can be cut. The panels vary in thickness and width. It’s mainly used for new construction projects. In our experience, it’s a great solution for insulating homes and buildings and maximizing energy efficiency.
  • Radiant barrier: Radiant barrier insulation is made of a reflective surface (like aluminum foil) applied to a substrate material. The substrate materials range from cardboard to other types of insulation materials. This type of insulation is installed on the attic ceiling and under the roofline. It helps homes reflect (rather than absorb) sunlight.
  • Denim: The denim insulation we install, Bonded Logic’s UltraTouch™, contains approximately 80% post-consumer recycled fibers. These fibers contain inherent qualities that provide extremely effective sound absorption and maximum thermal performance.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl or vinyl-faced insulation is often installed in metal buildings to help improve energy efficiency. Still, it can be installed in different types of commercial and industrial buildings.

Home Insulation

Our team will ensure your home is properly insulated. Many homes across the country don’t have enough insulation, but our retrofit (existing home insulation) services can help you save money and live more comfortably year-round. Our team insulates atticswalls and crawl spaces.

Signs your home may need more insulation include:

  • Energy bills that are higher than normal
  • Drafts, especially near windows and doors
  • Uneven temperatures from room to room
  • Your HVAC systems running more than usual
  • Unusually warm second story
  • Unusually cold walls and floors
  • Ice dams on your roof

In addition to re-insulating your home, we also offer residential new construction insulation. We can work with your home building team to help ensure your new home is as energy-efficient as possible.

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Attic Insulation

Insulating your Stockton home’s attic is the perfect way to maintain a comfortable interior temperature while saving money on energy costs. It’s estimated up to 90% of U.S. homes are underinsulated — don’t let your home be one of them!

The amount of product needed to adequately insulate your home’s attic is mainly determined by local climate and the home’s age. Our expert installation teams at Gold Star Insulation can quickly and correctly estimate how much attic insulation your home needs to ensure it provides the energy-efficient benefits you deserve.

Crawl Space Insulation

Do you notice the floors over your home’s crawl space are colder than the rest of the house? If so, adding insulation to this area can help. Insulation provides a continuous air barrier that stops cold air from entering your home through the crawl space.

Insulating your Stockton home’s crawl space is a terrific, energy-efficient solution that warms the floors and rooms above it. Homes can have either ventilated or unventilated crawl spaces, which require different installation methods. Talk to one of our insulation experts about which one is right for your home.

Garage Insulation

Garage insulation locks out cool air that can seep into your Stockton home. It helps keep your home’s interior comfortable, no matter the season. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends all homeowners insulate their garages to help save on energy costs.

Commercial Insulation

Gold Star Insulation offers commercial insulation services as well. Our team of insulation contractors can install additional insulation in warehouses, offices and other buildings. We also provide commercial new construction insulation, working with builders and contractors to insulate new buildings.

Commercial insulation helps:

  • Increase the energy efficiency of buildings (which can help owners reduce overall costs)
  • Keep buildings more comfortable year-round
  • Decrease the carbon footprint of buildings

Contact Gold Star Insulation for commercial insulation services in Stockton!

Insulation Removal and Replacement

Gold Star Insulation is the number one choice for Stockton homeowners and businesses looking to remove and replace their existing insulation. Our years of experience in removing and replacing attic, garage and crawl space insulation make us the insulation contractor to turn to.

We provide expert and reliable insulation removal services. Our replacement services ensure the correct R-value new insulation is installed, so your Stockton home or business has a more comfortable interior. You can count on our skilled insulation removal and replacement team to efficiently handle your project, no matter its scope.

BPI Professionals

Here at Gold Star Insulation, we are Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified. Our BPI-certified professionals can help improve your home’s energy efficiency so you can start saving money and living more comfortably.

Insulation Installation in Stockton

If you’re looking for insulation companies serving the Stockton area, Gold Star Insulation is a good company to call! We provide residential and commercial insulation services and look forward to working with you on your project.

Contact us today or call (916) 229-8445 to learn more about our insulation contractor services.

Where should you insulate in your home? Check out our interactive infographic:

Products We Install
Energy Audits

Our team can help you save money with a home energy audit and air sealing services.


Our insulation team installs batt and blown-in fiberglass insulation.


Environmentally friendly and effective, cellulose works well in homes and buildings.

Spray Foam

Gold Star Insulation is a leading installer of spray foam insulation in the Sacramento area.

Radiant Barrier

An attic radiant barrier can help keep your home cooler and more comfortable.

Insulation Removal

Gold Star Insulation provides home insulation removal services.

Air Sealing

We are committed to saving you money by sealing your attic—which is the main source of air leaks in the home.

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